The 5 Biggest Advantages Of Living In An Integrated Township

The 5 Biggest Advantages Of Living In An Integrated Township

The concept of an ‘Integrated Township’ is fairly simple to understand. It is a town or a mini-city in itself.

An integrated township has both residential and commercial spaces with suitable infrastructure and amenities. This ensures that its residents don’t have to venture far out into the city or even outside the development to fulfil their needs.

Townships are becoming the preferred choice of home-buyers for the same reason.

Let’s take a quick look the 5 biggest reasons why you should live in one:

1. An integrated urban oasis

Integrated townships are always well-spaced and replete with landscaped gardens, lakes and lush green lawns. This is something that’s rare to find in the highly saturated inner city.

2. All your needs in one place

An integrated township has healthcare centres, schools, high-street shopping centres and malls, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, gyms, recreational spaces and a lot more! They bring you the best of a comfortable lifestyle.

3. Sustainable Living

An integrated township features eco-friendly facilities that help you live a green life, as well as make great savings. Talk about features such as rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment, solar energy and organic farming – an integrated township has it all!

4. Impeccable security features

Security is another factor that’s attracting homebuyers to integrated townships. Due to the expansiveness of the development, there are multiple checkpoints, a bigger security team and proper CCTV surveillance systems to ascertain that the unwelcome ones stay away.

5. They offer incredible investment opportunities

An integrated township is usually located in the upcoming neighbourhood of the city, away from the saturated localities. Hence, the cost of living and real estate prices are comparatively lower. At the same time, the development brought by the township breathes life into the economy of the upcoming neighbourhood. This makes for an incredible investment opportunity to the homebuyers, with great returns.

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