Live the Ivy Nia Advantage!

Live the Ivy Nia Advantage!

Mr. Soham Shah always wanted to retire in style! So to start his second innings, he wanted a place that could present him a life that he no longer had to compromise for. Isn’t that a milestone for each of us, who daydream of things that we could do if we no longer had to grind through 9-5?

Well, Mr. Shah, with his “always-try-something-new” personality couldn’t wait to start his phase of life after the race of 35 years. His mission in life is to explore his surroundings and be one with nature and the oneness of Indian traditions.

In that case, this one place pops up instantly with regards to these scenarios– Pune is the epitome of traditions, culture, nature, rooting yourself, and finding peace within. But before he could follow his pursuit, he had to take into consideration his son and his family who insisted on staying together in the uncertain times of the pandemic. However, Shah Jr. had already planned ahead for this new life for the entire family.

His plan was two-fold; first to finally gift his father the life he always wanted and secondly to settle down with his own family. He could either opt for 3-4 BHK flats or get two nearing houses.

The first option was beyond their budget, considering that the Pune real estate market is on an upsurge. Considering the latter, if he could secure two houses within the same complex, that would probably amount to better CAGR in the future.

Hence, the quest for two houses, one complex, and a happy family had begun…

One place that could accommodate their requirements is the fastest-growing locale of Wagholi. And instead of one 3 BHK in Wagholi, we have a suitable proposition for two houses at the price of one– introducing the newest addition to the vast Ivy Estate Wagholi Pune.

Ivy Nia is a Kolte Patil project in Wagholi that is generating a buzz for its stance in the mid-segment real estate market. And this can be validated with the following advantages!

Living Life Amidst the Green Belt of the City

Ivy Nia Wagholi lies in the embrace of nature. The green open lands are a gift of freshness, cool atmosphere, beautiful landscape, and an ethereal view.

The hillocks behind the complex, embellish this scenery even more. Imagine sipping a fresh cup of tea from the balcony, and simply reminiscing about the past— that’s exactly what retirement should feel like, same for Mr. Sohum Shah.

Living to Build a Future for your Children

While Mr.Shah is relishing in serenity, his son worries about his child’s education. Well, the Ivy advantage is that your child is in safe hands.

The Lexicon International School is just adjacent to the Ivy Nia complex; it is the most coveted school that incorporates an international level of learning.

Besides, there are several other top-tier schools that are located just a few kms away from the complex such as Don Bosco International School, Symbiosis International School, Sanskriti School, Podar International School, Phoenix World School, Prodigy School, and many more that guarantee quality education for your children.

However, the point to be noted here is that the gated community of Ivy Nia is an assurance in itself that your child is safe within the premises. School buses, pick-up and drop-off timings, the parents or guardians of the child, everything is regulated with robust security services.

Living with Wellness and Welfare of your Family

The other concern for Shah Jr. was to assure that whichever complex he chooses, the accessibility to emergency and healthcare facilities should not pose an issue for his family.

This is where Ivy Nia shines– there are several multispeciality hospitals in proximity–

  • Care Hospital
  • Lifeline Hospital
  • Balaji Hospital
  • Imax Multispeciality Hospital
  • Sushrusha Hospital
  • Dhanwantari Multi Speciality Hospital

This is an incentive enough to invest in a 1 BHK and 2 BHK in Wagholi, knowing that from your parents to your children, everyone is taken care of.

As for wellness, there are several malls such as Phoenix Market City, InOrbit Mall, and Amanora Mall that provide plenty of recreational facilities, shopping, and family fun-time.

Living a Life of Impromptu Family Trips

Now that he is retired, Mr. Sohum lets his son worry about the intricacies of welfare, while he has now graduated to planning fun family trips for the entire family.

And here comes another Ivy Advantage–

The Pune International Airport is simply a 25-min drive from Ivy Estate Wagholi. It is also one of the reasons why these 1 and 2 BHK flat in Wagholi is a hot commodity.

And what better way to show your grandson the simpler times of travelling than the accessible railway journeys. The Pune Railway Station is just 30 mins away from this complex, planning a trip has never been this easy.

Living with a Balance Between Work and Life

With everything said and done, Shah Jr now has another cloud of concern. How can he travel to his workplace when they are living in a residential zone, surrounded by nature and all.

Just as you might contemplate his situation, another Ivy Advantage comes to the rescue–

Wagholi lies at the interlinking node that connects to major industrial locales such as Kharadi, Koregaon, Magarpatta, Hadapsar, etc.

Ivy Nia complex is closer to most IT and tech parks such as-

  • EON IT park
  • Weikfield IT Park
  • Panchshil Tech Park
  • Phursungi IT Park
  • Nyati Tech Park

All these commercial spaces can be reached in under 30-40 mins from the complex. And besides, you don’t have to worry about the bustling noisy roads of corporate areas, as Wagholi offers a quiet and peaceful vibe. Which is also a catalyst for the Wagholi real estate market as people prefer 1,2 and 3 BHK flats in Wagholi.

Living a Life of Carefree Fun

Now that all the clouds of concern have cleared, it’s time to rejoice in the simple pleasures. Ivy Nia presents a lifestyle that encourages one to live the few precious moments of free time with a carefree approach.

As for Mr. Soham Shah who is an outgoing and social person, there is a special area dedicated only for the evergreen retired folks as the senior citizen’s pavilion.

Meanwhile, he also gets to spend quality time with his grandkids as there are playgrounds only for children. From skating rink to futsal/ Basketball court and cricket practice net where children can hone their skills.

As for Shah Jr, he seems to have found the perfect abode where he can get his morning exercise at the jogging track and access the gym after work.

The amphitheatre and party lawn invite people from all over the estate to socialize and form new friendships. The Ivy advantage here is an exuberant lifestyle!

Living a Holistic Life

Moreover, Ivy Nia stimulates a holistic life among its residents with peaceful spaces for meditation and yoga.

The cove sit-out and pergola with sit-out area offer an ambiance of serenity.

Apart from this, the complex has assimilated a few eco-friendly practices such as rain-water harvesting and sewage treatment plans. This is an Ivy Nia initiative to secure the sustainability of future generations.

Living in your Dream Home

Coming to the actual point; given all these advantages, does Ivy Nia actually deliver on the promise of providing you a dream home?

This Kolte Patil project in Wagholi was conceived from the idea of providing Maximum advantages home even in the mid-segment of the real estate market.

The apartments are carefully designed to provide optimum space for the specified configurations. As for Mr.Shah opting for a 1 BHK flat– he would get multiple floor plans to choose from, the floor of his choice, balcony and attached terrace, and elevators making sure senior citizens, and people with disabilities are safe.

As for Shah Jr, and his nuclear family, this 2 BHK for sale in Wagholi is a perfect abode. Every specification is integrated keeping into consideration–provisions for all electronics, essential supplies, quality kitchen design, premium fittings for Bath and WC, and laminated doors and windows. The entire finish of the walls is an acrylic emulsion, making the rooms look vibrant. (all specifications applied to 1 BHK as well).

Fire fighting systems are embedded in each building.

Multiple floors parking spaces are available. 

Living a Life without the Financial Strain

So is this entire arrangement of two houses feasible for the Shah family?

Ivy Nia homes are a gateway to enjoying premium quality at reasonable property rates.

This 1 and 2 BHK flat in Wagholi for sale is the best option given the vast Ivy Estate advantages and the future prospects of appreciation in prices with the upcoming developments in Wagholi.

Rest assured, these are better in ROI for investment, even if you own a second house in the same complex, the evaluations seem better than investing in the other 3 BHK in Wagholi.

Moreover, this RERA-certified project is approved by major banks for home loans.

Looking from a financial standpoint– these mid-segment houses are conducive to retirees, working professionals, and people migrating from other states.

In Conclusion:

Living a fulfilled life with the Ivy Nia advantage can be your reality as well. With a reasonable ticket size considering future appreciation, Ivy Nia is worth multiple investments. Plus the dream home with invaluable benefits is a priceless asset.


IVY Nia (The project has been registered via MahaRERA registration number P52100017955 as Ivy Estate-Nia)


Q: What are the starting costs of the flats in Kolte Patil Ivy Nia?

A: All housing units are valuated based on the carpet area and configurations (as per RERA standards), and reflective of the market value of the locale. The starting cost of the flats is around Rs. 30 Lacs- subjected to change based on the available units and stamp duty. 

Q: Are the roads well connected to the highway from  Kolte Patil Ivy Nia?

A: When the project started, the road development was in its initial stage. But as of now, the adjoining roads are fully functioning and directly connecting to the highway from the Ivy Nia complex.

Q: What is the average price trend in Wagholi?

A: The average property rates are trending at Rs. 5031 per sq.ft for the quarter: Jan-March’2022.

The high-end localities recorded an average of Rs. 6111 / sq.ft while the lowest locality price is trending at Rs.3951/ sq.ft.

(All values are approximate ranges cited from

Q: Can I get home loans for Kolte Patil Ivy Nia?

A: There are several home loan offers for Kolte-Patil Ivy Nia:

  • Axis Bank at 6.9-8.4% Interest rate
  • HDFC Home Loans at 6.4-14% Interest rate
  • Indian Bank at 6.5-8% Interest rate
  • Kotak Mahindra at 6.55-7.5% Interest rate
  • Godrej Housing Finance at 6.79-7.54% Interest rate

Q: Are all the amenities inclusive of the price of  Kolte Patil Ivy Nia?

A: Yes, you can access all the amenities inclusive of the price of your apartment. Maintenance charges are applied extra at the time of booking itself. Rest assured, you get lifetime access to these facilities and more!

Q: What is the ongoing special offer on the purchase of a flat at  Kolte Patil Ivy Nia?

A: When you purchase a flat at Ivy Nia, you get an assured Gold Voucher. It is, however, a limited time offer only, so hurry grab this golden opportunity and live the Ivy advantage.

Q: Has the Ivy Nia project experienced appreciation since its launch?

A: The property value of Kolte Patil Ivy Nia has observed an appreciation of 4.72% as of March 2022 from April 2021;  and reached a peak of 7.9%  appreciation in value during December 2021.