Reach Any Corner Of The UnEnding City In 10-20-30 MINUTES, Live the Ivy Nia Advantage!

Reach Any Corner Of The UnEnding City In 10-20-30 MINUTES, Live the Ivy Nia Advantage!

Where do you see yourself in five years?  A question that can be asked in various contexts but is expected to have an answer of only one connotation– a sense of stability, regardless! And what better way to measure this stability other than a roof over your head. 

Pratik has cultivated his IT career all through his twenties, only to again contemplate the recurring question – what does he want his 5-year mark to look like? Owning a home was the primary incentive for this future. But the concern with young professionals is not the house itself but the city, the atmosphere, the vibe, sustainability factor, personal finance, cost-effectiveness, and the scope for a scalable career.

Also, Pratik was simply not keen to be labeled as one of the “IT-crowd”; he wanted to structure his life on individuality. And much of this individuality stems from the environment you choose. In his quest to find a place that can offer a sense of belonging, he jots down his expectations:

~a place that respects individual space and allows to move with own pace;

~an atmosphere to freely and freshly breathe in;

~a place that welcomes everyone without bias;

~a suburb that harbours wellness and welfare;

~ and a home that is well-connected to the workplace and other facilities.

While this seems some sort of neverland, what if we told you there exists a place that is as close as it can get to these expectations!

Pune is one city that has accustomed to a pretty balanced environment for otherwise mundane routines. There are many suburbs in Pune that are designated for residential purposes. Then again, one might be faced with the dilemma of whether or not to fully discard city life as a compromise for peaceful living.

Just when you think that your options are limited, Pune pulls out the ace of spades from its sleeve.

Wagholi is one such emerging ace in suburbs that has redefined the chill, laid-back aesthetic living. To give a brief– Wagholi is located in the eastern part of Pune, deriving its name from the word “Wagheshwar” temple (Lord of tigers). Needless to say, this place is a historical heritage from the brave Maratha warriors. 

Wagholi is enveloped by a natural landscape of hillocks, trees, and greenery. Overall, the climate can be described as “local steppe” — simply put, cold winters and warm summers with below-average rainfall throughout the year.

However, the main advantage of this area is its self-sufficiency in almost aspects. We have compiled all the location advantages of Wagholi for the comfort lifestyle:


Pune International Airport is one of the crucial assets that determine the market valuation of a suburb. Wagholi offers this privilege to the residents to fly with convenience.

  • The shortest distance is possible via Nagar Road which leads to the airport in just 18 mins. Kolte Patil project in Wagholi is located along this road which allows easy access to the airport for its residents.
  • The Plan-B in case of traffic congestion is to change to Lohgaon Road, covering the distance in under 20 mins.


The other economical means of transport generally preferred by Punekars for intra-state travels is the Pune Railway facilities. Since a majority of middle-to-upper class families reside in this area, Pune Railways serve as a more accessible and affordable transport.

This facilitated a residential hub with demand for 1,2 and 3 BHK flats in Wagholi.

One can access the nearest Pune Railway station from Wagholi in under 25 mins via Pune-Ahmednagar Highway.

Road Connectivity

Speaking of quick access, the road infrastructure has played a key role in connecting this suburb to the rest of the city. Lohegaon-Wagholi road, Bakori Road, Nagar Road, Kharadi Bypass Road, and Pune-Solapur Highway are the prominent roads that interlink this area.

Meanwhile, theKesnand Road in Wagholi provides faster connectivity to nearby locations of Kharadi. This area of Wagholi-Kesanand has become a prominent locale in Wagholi harbouring various residential projects, Ivy Estate Wagholi being one of them.

Healthcare Facilities

As mentioned earlier, Wagholi attracts wholesome demography, comprising families, working professionals from nearing industrial areas, and migrants from all over the country. We must acknowledge that Wagholi is not only a welcoming suburb but also delves into the sensitivity of healthcare.

  • First off, there are several multi-specialty hospitals and specialty clinics including–

Care Hospital, Lifeline Hospital, Balaji Hospital, Imax Multispeciality Hospital, Sushrusha Hospital, Dhanwantari Multi Speciality Hospital.

  • The other aspect is the lower cost of living in Wagholi as compared to neighbouring locales, thus presenting more accessible healthcare facilities.
  • Emergencies and urgent care facilities can be accessed under 20 mins. 

Educational Institutes

A locale is only as good as the convenience for parents to ensure safety and quality education for their children. Wagholi offers a perfect landscape for educational institutes given that there are no major corporate hubs that could hinder the space for schools and colleges.

The Lexicon International School is the epitome of top-tier education for children, cultivating an environment of child development and exposure to pedagogy.

Other schools of similar calibre in proximity arePodar International School, Prodigy Public School, Phoenix World School, and Suyog Sunderji Wisdom School.

To secure their child’s future, many nuclear families have opted fora 2 BHK flat in Wagholi. The gated and secured premises of this suburb is an assurance for parents for their child’s safety.

Top-tier colleges are aspirations for students from all over the state-

  • Jayawantrao Sawant College of Engineering
  • G H Raisoni College Of Engineering & Management
  • Parvatibai Genba Moze College Of Engineering

A general survey suggests– that students from nearby towns who select these colleges prefer co-living and renting apartments in proximity, thus acquiring steady rental returns on 3 BHK in Wagholi– a worthwhile investment opportunity!

Employment Hubs

Let’s revisit the question – where do you see yourself in five years?  With the context of a career, Pune offers resources to scale your resume in five years or less with an assortment of corporate clusters.

Wagholi lies at the connecting node to various IT and business parks.

  • EON IT Park which has evolved into multiple phases, hosts international companies, SMEs, start-ups, & MNCs, providing the majority of employment for the eastern corridor of Pune.
  • Weikfield IT Park has been a career goal since its establishment in 2006
  • Panchshil Tech Park, Phursungi IT Park, and Nyati Tech Park are other adjacent IT parks that can be reached within 25-30 mins from Wagholi, with convenient means of transport available.

Nearing Locales

One of the main advantages of Wagholi is its placement which leads t0 quick access to neighbouring locales. Within just 30 mins, you can enjoy the perks of the locales–

  • Koregaon, Kharadi, Kalyani Nagar, and Hadapsar are the most prominent cities in Pune in terms of work environment, top-class facilities, and exuberant nightlife!
  • Chandan Nagar, Mundhwa, and Magarpatta are the closest residential suburbs to Wagholi.
  • Viman Nagar and Airport Road locales are the affluent areas in Pune that host high-end marketplaces, luxurious brands, and hospitality.

Shopping Centres & Recreational Facilities

Wagholi is known for its local markets, authentic Maharashtrian vibe, and shopping centres that induce nostalgia and traditional values.

Apart from these, malls such as Phoenix Marketcity, Amanora Mall, Decathlon, and Seasons Mall are located along the perimeter that provides recreational activities for families. Hyatt Hotel and Radisson Hotel are the top-rated hotels in proximity.

Besides, the natural landscape presents a perfect space for nature lovers. According to many residents, the parks and recreation in Wagholi are built to provide peace, calm, and serenity.

One local reviewer stated that– “Wagholi just wakes up to birds chirping and the cool breezy atmosphere with trees swaying for a breath of fresh air in the morning! “

Wagholi can be defined as the amalgam of nature and city life.

Ongoing and upcoming infrastructure developments in Wagholi

Under the Pune Municipal Corporation, Wagholi has been under the radar for development into a high-functioning residential suburb that is well-connected to the nearing locales.

A major issue in Wagholi was its lack of proper public transport to the northern or southern suburbs of Pune. With the development of extended metro lines, Wagholi shall be soon interlinked to other major suburbs.

Following are the upcoming developments, enhancing the Wagholi connectivity:

  • The Mumbai-Bengaluru Infrastructure Corridor

It is an economic corridor stretching across 1000 km, covering an area of 143000

Delineated around NH-48, it will pass through Pune, specifically around Wagholi.

  • The road connecting Wagholi to Eon IT Park through Nagar Road

Kolte Patil project in Wagholi is located on Nagar Road. This connecting road will further reduce the distance between EON IT park. This has substantiated demand for their efficient 1 BHK and2 BHK flat in Wagholi for sale.

  • A flyover connecting Wagholi to Shikrapur

This proposed 3-deck track on Wagholi-Shikrapur will relieve the traffic congestion on Ahmednagar Road.

It has ground level and a second level deck for short-distance travel– that connects to major parts of Pune and the top-level only for long-distance travel plans. This segregation dissipates traffic.

Reasons to Invest in Wagholi Estate

  • The reasonable Real estate pricing structure

Wagholi being primarily a residential zone offers lower property pricing as compared to the neighbouring business districts.

  • Infrastructural developments leading to high valuation

As discussed in the previous section, due to the infrastructural developments, the industry experts have placed high valuations for 1,2, & 3 BHK in Wagholi.

  • Residential projects home loans sanctioned by top banks

Subsequently, major banks have approved projects for home loans. Ivy Estate Wagholi Pune is one such project, backed by banks, with Ivy Nia Wagholi being the recent addition.

  • Proximity to top areas and facilities

Appreciation-by-association is a byproduct of Wagholi being in the same quadrant as the major cities. This will eventually lead to high property value for Wagholi as well.

  • Greenfield projects with wide-area complexes

A major advantage of Wagholi is that it offers wide spaces for greenfield projects. Ivy Estate Wagholi spans 85 acres, surrounded by luscious greenery.

A Treasure in Wagholi

With all the benefits of Wagholi stated, we are here to introduce the gem in the crown of Pune.

Ivy Nia is the latest buzz in the mid-segment that offers 1 and 2 BHK for sale in Wagholi.

This Kolte Patil project in Wagholi has reaped all the above benefits, with an affordable price range, and is also awarded Best Budget Housing Project by CNBC Awaaz Group.

And to top it, on booking a home at Ivy Nia, you get an assured Gold Voucher! For a limited time only…

Hurry, grab this golden opportunity of a dream home, in the burgeoning locale.


IVY Nia (The project has been registered via MahaRERA registration number P52100017955 as Ivy Estate-Nia)


Q: What is the average budget required for a house in Wagholi?

A: For a secured lifestyle with several amenities with location advantage, the average price trending at Wagholi is somewhere around Rs.5150/sq.ft. You can expect 1 and 2 BHK in Wagholi at a range of Rs. 25lacs-50lacs.

Q: Are there home loan options available to buy a flat in Wagholi?

A: Yes, you can avail home loans for Kolte Patil Ivy Nia from the top banks such as Axis Bank, HDFC, Godrej Housing Finance, TATA capital, and more– at an average interest rate ranging from 6.65-10.75%.

Overall, since Wagholi is a quickly emerging suburb, several banks have approved home loan tie-ups with several projects, deeming them worthy of investing!

Q: Is Wagholi worth investing in real estate?

A: According to, Wagholi has experienced an appreciation of property value by 15.7% in the last 5 years. This steady increase is an indication of a positive and exponential rise in the upcoming years as well.

Moreover, infrastructural development and enhancement of connectivity have gained much traction in this area. The reasonable rates as compared to neighbouring areas have spawned interest among young professionals. Thus also cementing the rental prospects of this area.

If you want to know the current market value of a particular property in Wagholi, you can check with the sub-registrar of the area under whose jurisdiction the property lies. The State Government also publishes “Ready Reckoner” on the 1st of January every year, denoting the per sq. mtr. value of each village, zone, and sub-zone.

Q: What is the general demography in Wagholi?

A: Due to the convenience of facilities in the vicinity, Wagholi is generally preferred by both nuclear families and working professionals. Proximity to major employment hubs warranted a huge demand from professionals coming from other states as well. You can expect a peaceful environment with a cosmopolitan vibe.

Q: How much is the total area of Kolte Patil Ivy Nia?

A: The entire complex of Kolte Patil Ivy Nia expands over 15.55 acres of land.

Q:  Where is Kolte Patil Ivy Nia exactly located?

A: This complex is located exactly adjoining The Lexicon International School situated in the Lexicon Estate. This entire area lies along the Nagar Road in Wagholi.

Another significant landmark is the Kesanand road alongside the Ivy Nia Complex.

Q: What is the possession status of Kolte Patil Ivy Nia? A: Ivy Nia apartments are now officially in the phase of ready to move-in status.